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Our mission is: Connecting Students to Success

The Stevens Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) offers a wide range of services and programs to support students’ success, and encourage their academic, professional, cultural and personal development. This support begins with the summer Bridge program; a six-week residential transition program for incoming first year students accepted into STEP.

The department offers a comfortable, welcoming, and supportive environment for undergraduate students from different backgrounds. An open-door policy encourages students to drop in for peer or professional support - personal, academic, career and more. STEP and EOF students receive personal assistance from the program’s professional staff, alumni relationships, and occasional corporate assistance. The content and scope of the programs and services respond to the students’ changing interests and requests but reflect their individual and collective needs. All services are free of charge and students will have access to them during their undergraduate career and beyond!









Members Benefits

Academic Support – Peer Tutoring

Students helping students: designed to complement classroom attendance and present the material in a way to improve the student’s understanding; place students in a non-threatening environment and encourage them to express and test themselves verbally as part of a well-balanced question/ information exchange in which both partners participate; help students develop trust in themselves as learners. The tutoring program runs from the third week of each semester through the last week of semester classes.

Counseling and Advising

The counseling component offers both individual and group counseling or advising. Students are guided in the creation of SMART goals which are then used to help frame their undergraduate career and related choices. They are given access to assistance to deal with a wide range of concerns from difficulty adjusting to college during freshman year, to the job search and selection process in the senior year, and anything in between. Additionally students receive encouragement to try new experiences and go outside their comfort zone.

Personal Development

A series of opportunities which help students develop or increase their non-academic and transferrable skills, including leadership, presentation, and communication. Workshops presented by professionals and company representatives, a leadership development program, and community service experiences are offered throughout the year. Students also work together to plan and present an annual one-day conference for members of the campus community.

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