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The Filipino Association of Stevens Tech (FAST) was created to promote an understanding of the Filipino culture to the Stevens Community. The main goal of this organization is to create awareness of the Filipino life, the people, and their place in the world today. In order to achieve this, FAST creates workshops, games, and a chance for networking for its members. Like many other ethnic groups, Filipinos are integrated politically, economically, and socially into the American culture. FAST workshops educate the community about the history of the Philippines, the current events within the Philippines, and trends that are part of the Filipino lifestyle. FAST is an RSO (Register Student Organization) of Stevens, but it exists more as a family than a regular RSO. It supports every member in its family from the incoming freshman to the future alumni. FAST welcomes any person who is willing to experience the Filipino life. Networking, General Body Meetings (GBMs), and game events helps its members become acclimated to each other. Freshmen receive support from upperclassmen, and all newcomers to FAST can feel the sense of family when they enter the room. FAST promotes the sense of family even further with familial dinners and the "Kuya and Ate" system, which is similar to the "Big Brother" system in other organizations. So no matter what, you can meet a new face or catch up with some old ones. If not, people can dance along in FAST or grab a bite to eat since food is definitely a big aspect of Filipino culture. When you are part of FAST, you are part of a family. FAST also develops strong leadership and encourages professionalism within the organization. It promotes cooperation among its members and requires cooperation among the FAST Board members. The people within the organization work through meetings and events to help each individual grow in order to achieve new heights for the organization. Each person is encouraged to use their own unique talents and contribute their individual abilities to strengthen themselves and the people around them. This organization will help its members get through the hard times of college. Be it through class, Co-op, or extracurricular activities, members will work together as a family to help each other grow. FAST members also learn to professionally promote themselves to outside institutions and organizations. There will be a variety of networking events where members can meet different people from various backgrounds, old and young. Here, members can meet new people and how to professionally carry themselves on their own.









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